Android Open Source Agreement

Once the agreement is signed electronically, it must be verified by someone from Google. We check that there is no file agreement yet for your company and that it has been signed by someone with the required authorization. This usually takes a few days. Once it has been accepted, you will receive an email and it will be displayed in the „Agreements you have made” section on the agreements page. Tell contributors to use the same email address for all contributions to Google projects made on behalf of the company. For projects that use git for source code management, z.B can use the git config command to set their email address. Should we say that, in this case, Android is an open source operating system? While all members of your organization are able to create the Google Group to manage authorized contributors and complete our web form, you must include the contact information of an authorized signatory with the right to sign legal agreements. (Even if you are that person.) This may be a private lawyer in a large company or the CEO of a small business. After the form is sent, they receive an email asking them to sign the agreement electronically. Create a Google group for members of your organization who have the right to submit CTC (z.B contributions. Any authorized contributor must be a member of this group.

This name should not be specific to a specific project (Android or Chrome), as it is used for contributions to all Google projects, and the name should reflect that. You should have multiple owners in this group to make sure you don`t lose access if someone is not available. Starting in version 11.2.0, Google Play services contain a set of tools that offer developers an easier way to express open-source software references from libraries used in their applications. It contains a Gradle plugin that collects license conditions from included libraries, as stated in their POM files, and an activity that can be used to display those terms. When the app is created, the Gradle plugin processes licenses and adds them to the app`s resources. To view them easily, you can trigger an activity provided by the Play-services-oss licenses library at an appropriate point in your application: The public documentation of the Android API contains text from the following source code libraries under the ICU license: Here is a list of open source libraries that will be compiled in the app, whether or not they are part of Google Play services. When you tap the library name, additional license information will be displayed for that library. It is up to each developer to display the indications to meet the licensing requirements of open source libraries. Google Play services sometimes contain or depend on open source libraries. Apache 2.0 is a commercial and open-source software license. Most of the Android platform and documentation is licensed Apache 2.0. While the project strives to comply with the preferred license, there may be exceptions, for example.

B for documentation (code comments) extracted from a GPLv2 licensed source code module or other license.