Dba In Agreement

The signature lines of your contract must indicate the title of an authorized signatory as well as the full name and DBA of the company. Otherwise, the person who signs the contract, as an individual, does not sign as an agent of the company, which may invalidate your agreement or give rise to contractual disputes. Any contract must introduce the contracting parties – including your company and the party with whom you sign the contract — into the first paragraphs of the contract. For example, you might write: „Milton`s Automotive Parts LLC is a company registered in the State of Florida, as Milton`s.” If John Doe wanted to operate his business under the name „Doe`s Financial,” he would have to resubmit a DBA certificate or a fictitious name certificate for his business. After the authorization, John`s counsel would no longer be bound by his own name. For this new industry, Jane decided to submit a DBA called Jane`s Home Staging and Photo Services. In this case, submitting a DBA can help a business owner create a separate identity for one aspect of their business without having to set up a separate LLC or other business structure. If you submit a DBA, you also announce the name you have chosen in the world by integrating it into the public data set. In some states, a DBA filing does not prevent another company from registering the same name, but it is worth checking to see if this is the case in your state. It could save a lot of problems later. Enrolling your full company name in a contract can be tedious and waste valuable space.

You can qualify your company as DBA throughout the contract, but you must take this into account in the opening paragraph by writing, „Next called „John`s Automotive.” You don`t even need to use your company name. You can just see that you call it „the company,” „signatory A” or something. If you own a business that bears the name of a DBA, you must continue to use the company`s real name when you create and sign official documents such as corporate contracts and other correspondence. Do these steps when you sign a corporate letter with your DBA. Take another example. If you owned a business and you were in the market, you sold women`s clothing, but you also produced a line of clothing for children and teenagers, you can distinguish between the two companies by filing a DBA. Teenagers would be worried about buying in the same stores as their parents, so it would be advantageous and fiscally logical to use a DBA to legally use separate websites, shop windows, names, etc. in commercial transactions related to your different clothing lines.