Ec Collective Agreement Leave Without Pay

If a worker does not meet the return to the work obligation required by his enterprise contract, a calculation has been added to ensure that the reimbursement is proportional to the compensation (increase) received by the worker during his absence. These new provisions apply to the following signed collective agreements and excluded categories that comply with the provisions of these agreements: parental leave is applicable without pay when a worker is caring for or actually has a newborn, including the newborn child of a communal partner. Unpaid parental leave also applies when a worker, in accordance with the laws of a province, initiates legal proceedings for the adoption of a child or obtains an adoption order under the laws of a province. Your employer may authorize the LWOP pension for a variety of reasons. To determine the types of LWOP that may be available to you, you should review your collective agreement and/or contact your staff office. You can also find a list of the different types of LWOP among the types of holidays without pay and contribution rates at the end of this document. If you want to continue with LWOP, you should discuss the approval process with your supervisor. In addition, we recommend that you inform your compensation advisor of your intention to go to LWOP ahead of the procedure to avoid overpayment. To update your LWOP records, you should also contact your compensation advisor if you are in LWOP and are admitted for a new type of LWOP. As noted above, the first three months of your LWOP period are always counted as an eligible service. If you decide not to account for your LUP period for the first three months as an eligible service, you must complete the „Choice without Payment” form as a retirement service (PWGSC-TPSGC 2480). You must submit the completed form to the retirement centre no later than three months after your return to work (in the case of a rehabilitation leave no later than three months after returning to your regular schedules). Once you have made your choice, your LWOP, which exceeds the first three months, is not counted as a pension service and, therefore, you are not obliged to pay the pension contributions for the LWOP period, except for the first three months.