Ibm Business Partner Agreement 2019

Steve Robinson, General Manager of the Synergy Red Hat team, entered the keynote Team PartnerWorld scene to tell partners that in the fourth quarter and so far in the first quarter, „we`ve been working on this agreement.” Last year, IBM implemented many changes on the enablement front, which also delighted the partners, he said. Big Blue has granted partners access to its Skills Gateway platform for access to various technical assets and learning sales. for the first time, they gave partners access to their internal information about their own products and competitors` data; and launched an easy-to-use co-marketing program. Nearly two years after a major overhaul of the channel, IBM Channel executives announced Monday to partners that they will continue to optimize the program to build on their success. Since then, IBM has recorded record growth, differentiation between partners and greater satisfaction from its partners, he said. But there is more to be done in 2019. John Teltsch, the head of the Big Blue chain, told about 8,000 IBM Business Partners, who came to San Francisco for PartnerWorld, the launch event of the company`s major think tank, that priorities would remain consistent in 2019: improving the partner experience, facilitating collaboration with IBM and helping partners improve relationships with their customers. In October, in a phone call attended by executives from Converge Technology Solutions, IBM`s third-largest partner, Teltsch said IBM had tacitly implemented another change – a change in terminology. IBM will continue to simplify its PartnerWorld program by eliminating partner elevators and encouraging other specializations. Determine which business model is right for your business and look at the different types of IBM Business partners.

To further facilitate engagement, the partnership agreement has been reduced from 18 pages to 4 pages, Teltsch said. More than a year after taking over the IBM chain and launching a massive overhaul of the outdated program, John Teltsch shared with partners at PartnerWorld what worked and how improvements will continue in the new year. Converge CEO Shaun Maine, who will continue to target new acquisitions to become IBM`s largest partner, said before working with IBM, he saw the company as a closed ecosystem. But since he became an IBM solutions provider and quickly evolved his business, he has been most impressed with „the channel and the team, and how open they are to other technologies.” These changes pay off for partners such as Toronto-based Converge, which have in the meantime completed eight acquisitions of regional resellers and have recently gone public. These chain initiatives will come when partners use the company`s depth and breadth around hybrid and multi-cloud, artificial intelligence, security and advanced analytics – „all the essential ingredients” in today`s IT market, Teltsch said. Greg Berard, company president and former founder of Lighthouse, has developed an ibm services and software division for the traditional hardware distributor. Last year, this new division generated more revenue than the old ones. Over the same period, IBM added about 13,000 new partners – an annual record. Many of them are not traditional resellers, but focus on services, IP, integration or sector solutions. Reward yourself for the value you get at different stages of the sales cycle, from identifying the sale opportunity to the conclusion of the agreement.

Instead of referring to its channel as the IBM Global Business Organization, IBM started in-house with the IBM Partner Ecosystem moniker, reflecting that „we must continue to build and work on this unifying ecosystem in the company,” Teltsch said.