Nigeria And Siemens Agreement

The government has reached an agreement with the German company Siemens to increase the supply of electricity to Nigeria. Nigeria has been struggling for decades to provide electricity throughout the country. President Muhammadu Buhari yesterday presented a new power target for the country after an electricity schedule agreement between the federal government and… Read more ” In July 2019, an agreement was signed for the rehabilitation and development of the country`s electricity grid, which is regularly out of power. READ: The Senate says that the agreement with Azura Kraftwerk is a burden for the country`s resources President Muhammadu Buhari signed on Monday an agreement that was signed Nigeria partner with the German government and Siemens to improve the… Read more „President Muhammadu Buhari attended the signing of the electricity schedule agreement between the Nigerian federal government and Siemens, headquartered in Germany, at the State House on Monday,… „In his speech, President Buhari made it clear that he now wants to achieve this with reliable engineering partners – the European style and the German engineer,” Kaeser said. „And I personally promised him that we would make it.” The major problem is the failure of transmission systems and the loss of electricity in complex grid systems. The increase in operating electricity capacity to 25,000 MW is expected to stimulate various industries and businesses and improve access and reliability of the electricity supply of the general population. The project is expected to create thousands of jobs and new opportunities for SMEs, which will increase the country`s GDP and increase economic productivity. Nigeria: Govt, Siemens sign an agreement to increase power He continues: „This time we are facing the challenge of the entire value chain. In the past, we have focused solely on production, regardless of the rest of the value-added chain.

President Muhammadu Buhari met on Monday with Joe Kaeser, president of German technology company Siemens AG. Read more „What will be the future of additive manufacturing? Find everything you need to know in a fully automated, scanned and connected AM workshop – with first-class products. Nigeria: Government, Siemens signs today large sale of electricity . The Nigerian billionaire talks with the Africa report about what can be done to make Nigeria the package of industrialized strength it should have been after independence. Tolu Ogunlesi, a media adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari, said approval of Phase 1 of the PPI included transmission, distribution, measurement, simulation and training projects. The PPI, formerly known as the Nigeria electrification roadmap, could be described as what Abba Kyari, Buhari`s former chief of staff and a crucial member of the government`s cafaire, gave his life for. He was sent by the president to discuss the plan in Germany, as Buhhari`s trusted adviser, instead of Minister for the sale of Mamman power, and it was on this trip that he caught the coronavirus that was fatal in his case. In recent years, several regulations have been adopted to ensure that all investments made in this project can be recovered through an adequate payment mechanism and fair value of the tariff. Despite more than 8,000 MW of operating power in the country, only 4,500 MW on average reaches consumers reliably.

This lack of electricity leads to regular power outages and power cuts and has hampered Nigeria`s economic development. Increasing Nigeria`s operational electricity capacity to 25,000 MW will boost industries and businesses and significantly improve access and reliability of the Nigerian people`s electricity supply. „We all know how important electricity is to the development of a community, even a nation,” Buhari said after Monday`s agreement was confirmed.