Paypal User Agreement Fees

Important information about your payments will be provided by email and your transaction history will also be updated and made available to you at any time by logging into your account. You can also access a downloadable report from your PayPal account. It displays all charges incurred and all other amounts charged to your account PayPal during the relevant period. The report will only be updated and made available if the activities on your account PayPal add up or if a fee is charged during the corresponding period. The way we provide transaction information allows you to store and reproduce information as it is, for example.B. by printing a copy. The fees you pay on the sale of goods or services and the buyer pays with his account PayPal (or with another authorized wallet) are found in the standard transaction fee table, along with fees for non-profit organizations found on standard transaction fees for non-profit organizations table for charitable fees. Please note that as a guarantee that your obligations under this Utilization Agreement will be fulfilled, you grant PayPal a right to pledge and interest in security over and for funds held in your PayPal account. We consider you a „corporate customer” if you do not do so on the day you entered into this user agreement: if you receive a payment, you are required to PayPal the total amount of payment that will be sent to you, plus any fees, if the payment is cancelled later or for some reason. If the buyer has paid in another currency, the total amount of that payment in that currency can be calculated using the exchange rate PayPal of transaction (including our currency exchange spread) applicable at the time of processing the refund or cancellation.

If the balance of your cash or transaction account PayPal account does not cover the amount of payment due plus fees, we may use one of the payment methods related to your PayPal account to cover the amount owed. If the payment methods associated with your PayPal account do not cover the amount owed, the result is a negative balance. A negative balance is an amount you owe us, and in this situation, you must immediately add funds to your balance to resolve it. If you do not do so, PayPal power: After activating the payment function on a Moroccan bank account with the banking partner of PayPal, you must respect Moroccan laws and regulations. This means in particular that if you receive money in your PayPal credit from a PayPal user, you must withdraw the money from your PayPal balance in your Moroccan bank account within 30 days of receiving the balance.