S4C Bbc Agreement

„Wales needs an independent legal company that monitors Welsh radio, able to generate its own commercial revenues, and this agreement provides that.” Amid the continuing difficulties of News Corp and the backlash of the BBC`s announcements on the DQF cut, something went virtually unnoticed last week, which could well be seen as a turning point for public service broadcasting in the UK. The BBC Trust announced that it had agreed with S4C, the Ministry of Culture, Media and Sport and the Welsh Government on the terms of future funding and governance of the Welsh-language channel. All parties expressed satisfaction with finding a formula that would „protect the editorial and management independence of S4C” while ensuring „fair accountability to the BBC Trust” for the use of royalty funds. The S4C Authority and the BBC`s Unitary Board today released the new agreement that will replace the enterprise agreement that formed the basis of the relationship between the S4C Authority and the BBC Trust between 2013 and the end of March 2017. An enterprise agreement was drawn up this month between the S4C and the BBC Trust, following the decision in 2010 by then-Culture Minister Jeremy Hunt to radically change the way the Welsh channel was funded and to transfer much of the public funds directly into the BBC budget. Peter Black, Liberal Democrats` cultural policy spokesman, said: „This agreement contains several key principles that have been at the forefront of the campaign to maintain S4C`s independence, albeit within the BBC family. The agreement between the channel and the BBC will guarantee „the editorial, executive and operational independence of S4C,” the two sides said, while the two sides will form a partnership on non-editorial issues. „The channel remains our most popular source for news and sport by the Welsh medium. The stability offered by this agreement gives it the freedom to plan and control and use the talents of Wales` creative economy. From the outset, S4C received partial public funding, both on advertising revenues and on a fixed annual grant from the UK Ministry of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS), which received 90 million pounds in 2011. [36] In addition, some Welsh language programmes (including Newyddion and Pobol y Cwm) were produced by BBC Wales as part of the BBC`s public service mission and were made available free of charge to S4C.