Sample Independent Contractor Agreement Nurse Practitioner

1 standard contract for NPs in the primary care note: your contract should have some time for the contract and it is important to review your contract before the contract expires. This gives you the opportunity to renegotiate your contract. NAP strongly recommends that a lawyer review your contract to ensure that all aspects are in your best interest. NURSE PRACTITIONER EMPLOYMENT CONTRACT TEMPLATE FOR PRIMARY CARE SETTING THIS AGREEMENT is made and registered from the date of , 20 of and between (employer) and only one nurse practitioner (nurse practitioner) (hereafter collectively referred to as the parties). CONSIDERING that the employer owns and operates a group practice that has offices in; CONSIDERING that the employer requires nurse practitioners to provide services for each of its group practices; CONSIDERING that the nurse practitioner holds a licence to practice practitioners in the nurse and is also qualified to provide the necessary services during this period; As a WHEREAS, the employer wishes to employ nursing practitioners to provide care and serve patients in group practice; NOW, THEREFORE, given the commitments and mutual agreements that are exposed to it and other good and valuable counterparties whose reception and sufficiency are recognized, the parties agree: 1. TERM AND TERMINATION. Barring earlier denunciation, as expected, the initial duration of the agreement is one (1) year from 20 years. After its initial duration, this agreement is automatically renewed for an additional year. Each party may terminate this contract at any time without cause if it is informed thirty (30) days in advance in writing to the other party. Any violation by the Nurse Practitioner of the obligations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) that is not cured to the employer`s satisfaction within 30 calendar days following notification of the violation to the Nurse Practitioner may lead to the immediate termination of this agreement by the employer. 2.

NURSE PRACTITIONERS S EMPLOI AND DUTIES. The nurse practitioner must perform all appropriate tasks as part of the practice of a nurse in the condition of the registered nurse. The Nurse Practitioner provides, without restriction, the scheduleD services, which are included by reference. The parties expect that the nurse`s practitioners will be required to devote approximately hours per week to her duties as part of this activity. This example only serves to illustrate and should not be used as a model. STMA recommends that you receive professional legal advice when entering into a contract or employment contract. 2 [a. If the NNP has agreed to the child care service, the obligations related to the watch agreement should be included in this section. Details to: With whom to call NP shares; Rufrotation; Follow-up call Weekend call, etc.] 3.