Student Acceptable Use Agreement Form

Because the Internet is an unregulated and global means of communication, the information available to staff and students is not controllable. Therefore, the [name of the board of directors] adopts this policy of voluntary use of electronic resources and the Internet in order to provide guidance to individuals and groups who have access to these resources on [the name of the organization], or on [the name of the organization]. The [name of the organization] recognizes the value of computers and other electronic resources to improve student learning and improve the administration and functioning of their schools. To this end, the [name of the governing body] encourages the responsible use of computers; computer networks, including the internet; and other electronic resources to support the mission and objectives of [the organization`s name] and its schools. Convention of Use (to be signed by all adult users and level 5 student users) The scope of this Directive includes all staff members who have or hold an account (or any form of access that takes or requires a password) on a system located in [the organization`s name], having access to or responsible for the network [organization`s name] or who records any non-public information [name of the organization]. Authorized employees and third parties (customers, suppliers, etc.) can use telephone connections to access the corporate or agency network. Access to access should be strictly controlled using a unique password authentication. Access to access should be requested through the corporate account requirement process. It is the responsibility of voting staff to ensure that a connection to [the name of the organization] is not used by non-employees to access the resources of the corporate information system. Voting staff members should be constantly aware that the connection links between their location and [the organization`s name] are literal extensions of the [organization`s name] corporate network and provide a potential path to the most confidential information in the organization.

The authorized employee and/or third party take all reasonable steps to protect [Name of Organization`] assets. Digital analogue and non-GSM mobile phones cannot be used to connect to [Name of Organization`s] corporate network, as their signals can be easily scanned and/or hijacked by unauthorized persons. Only standard digital gsm mobile phones are considered safe enough to connect to the [Name of Organization] network. For more information on wireless access to the network [the organization`s name], see the Wireless Communications Directive. As a parent or guardian of [please print the student`s name] – I have read the authorized use policy. I understand that this access is designed for educational purposes. [Name of organization] has taken appropriate measures to control Internet access, but cannot guarantee that not all contentious information is accessible to student users.