Telus Crossing Agreement

For more information, please contact The written authorization of the pipeline operator to carry out activities near an oil pipeline may take the form of a crossover or approach agreement. These often impose stricter conditions for the soil disruptor than the minimum requirements imposed by the rules. Fibre optic cables buried directly or tolled are important communication cables laid by ploughing. They are not in a pipe or a canal structure. Operators of cables for fibre stumps or toll fibers may require an inspector to be on site during hand exposure and/or crossing. Such a requirement is included in the location documentation, along with advance notice and necessary contact information. On July 25, 2005, Telus blocked its Internet subscribers to access a website that supported striking union members. The company expressed concern about the content of the site and stated that it had identified employees crossing pickets and that it had encouraged doping behaviour[15] while the union claimed that it was censorship. [15] [16] The British Columbia Civil Liberties Association issued a formal objection to unilateral blocking on 26 July and stated: „Telus uses its power as a telecommunications service provider to censor a particular group, end the debate and limit messages about the current conflict.” [17] An Alberta court publication ban order ordered that the blocked Voices For Changes website remove „Telus staff photos” and other „intimidating or threatening documents.” The site owner agreed to respect the site and Telus unlocked the site.

[18] On November 18, 2005, Telus and the TWU ratified an interim agreement that ended the dispute. [19] „Recourse Agreements” are obtained if necessary in order to formalize TELUS` legal right, enter private property and place entities. These agreements are registered with the securities offices of the state of the province where the property in question is located and are known to the public. 444 Yonge St – 21 College St, College Park, Toronto . . The following access agreements will be published in accordance with the CRTC Directive in CRTC 2003-45 on telecommunications, the provision of telecommunications services to customers in public buildings of June 30, 2003. 7030, 7050 – 7100 Woodbine Ave and 2 pcs