Third Party Logistics Services Agreement Template

How does contract pricing increase costs over the life of the agreement? As a general rule, prices for services are guaranteed for a period of 12 months. After this period, there is an annual escalator, as for example. B a percentage increase or an increase based on the consumer price index (CPI). A comprehensive contract defines the potential for price increases with 3PL. 3.7 If, during the duration of the agreement, the shipper ceases to produce at the main site or ceases to operate in the primary warehouse covered by this agreement, the shipper transmits to the carrier one (1) months before the cessation of operation at the site concerned. The carrier continues to provide transportation services to the affected location until the shipper stops all operations there. The carrier continues to provide transportation services, as stated here, for shipments from the remaining primary sites and warehouses. The shipper is not required to replace the lost volume and the shipper is not liable to the carrier for costs related to a defect in activity related to the shutdown of a site. Putting your mission in the hands of an external party is a big step. It is understandable that every company wants to have protection for its business.

The „Standards” section that was discussed explains your performance expectations. Your lawyer should advise you on the guarantee of your company`s protection service. A third-party logistics services contract is a contract between a contractor and an external logistics service provider (3PL), a company that collects, owns and transports consumer goods but does not assume ownership of these products. 3PLs will provide one or more of these third-party logistics services: few companies, internal legal services and law firms have the necessary knowledge base to ensure that they meet the most favourable terms during contract negotiations 3PL. 3PLs, on the other hand, regularly negotiate 3PL contracts and therefore have a significant advantage in negotiations, unless you seek and actively employ the services of an expert in this field. The reference to a particular remedy in this Convention does not exclude the shipper or carrier if it is another remedy that the shipper or carrier may have, either in law or equity.