Umbc Articulation Agreements

Some articulation agreements are part of ARTSYS, the Maryland Joint System, which is intended to support your transfer from AACC to institutions at the University of Maryland and other participating institutions. Other agreements are concluded outside artsYS as partnerships between AACC and individual institutions. These agreements are listed below. To view chords by major, click The Agreements transferred to Major, or use Control-F, and enter a keyword for a major. AACC has contracted with dozens of schools in and out of Maryland for a large number of majors. This gives you many options for smooth transmission. See ARTSYS for the joint course and programCapitol CollegeCollege by Notre Dame of MarylandGucher CollegeHood CollegeJHU Carey School of BusinessJHU School of EducationMcDaniel CollegeMount St. Mary`s UniversityWashington College Loyola Programs Abroad work under joints with universities in other countries. Students can study abroad for a summer session, a semester or an entire academic year. Classes and grades come in the form of loyola credit.

In addition to transfer agreements for certain areas of study (see more and more, the CCAA maintains a number of general transfer partnerships with several institutions, which go beyond the different disciplines. See ARTSYS for the ArticulationsBowie State UniversityCoppin State UniversityCoppin State University University CollegeSalisbury UniversitySt course and program. Mary`s College of MarylandTowson UniversityUniversity of Maryland, BaltimoreUMBCUMCPUMESUMUCUB Loyola University Maryland has the following bachelor`s degree articulation agreements: Fae students who have taken certain courses at FAES in Chemistry, Pharmacology, Public Health and Toxicology can do without credits if they are included in MUIH`s inclusive health ( training programs. The following agreements help students move from an external university to an AACC program. These agreements help AACC students move from AACC to an external organization to continue their training. The list is organized by partner institutions, then AACC-Major. The agreements contain worksheets or crosswalks that indicate the AACC courses that you should take if you plan to move to a particular institution for the listed major. Students can be admitted at the same time to the AACC and the University of Maryland Global Campus (formerly UMUC), so that your associate degree can be part of a unique and integrated curriculum program that culminates with a bachelor`s degree. Worksheets for some majors can be found in the accordion below (Transfer Agreements by Area of Study). FAES has partnered with local universities to provide students with unique academic opportunities and academic pathways to complete their studies. If you have any questions, talk to a transfer advisor. Students with an AA, AS, AAT and, in some cases, an ASA, receive a waiver of application fees and receive a guaranteed admission to Loyola Maryland University if they apply before the march 15 priority date, if they have received at least 12 credits under an MC Honors program, they have received a cumulative MPA of at least 3.2 and meet all other admission criteria.

Transfer Pathways University of Baltimore (UB) BeeLine Dual Admission Program allows students to actively follow their associated degree while receiving targeted UB pre-transfer advice.