What Is The Meaning Of Mandate Agreement

MANDATE. Mandatum or commission, contracts. Sir William Jones defines a warrant as a rescue of property without reward, transported from one place to another or having an action performed on it. Bailm of Jones. 52; 2 Ld. Raym. 909, 913. It appears to be a list of the different types of mandates rather than a treaty definition. According to Story J.A., this is a deposit of personal property in respect of which the surety agrees to take action without reward.

Bailm. § 137. And Chancellor Kent defines it as the fact that one undertakes, without compensation, to take an action for the other in relation to the cause saved. Comes. 443. See the article on Bailm for further definitions. § 137; Pothier, Pand. free. 17, Tit. 1; Wood`s Civ. Law, B. 3, c.

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34, 35, 36. 4. For the degree of diligence to which the obligation is obliged, see Mandatory; negligence; Pothier, mandate, h. t; Louis…