With Regard To A Partnership Agreement Which Of The Following Statements Are Correct

This is a prudent approach before the start of the partnership with trade, a written partnership agreement defining the rights and obligations of the partner. Which of the following statements is NOT true? A partnership is a group of two or more people who continue as co-owners and share profits. There may be a contribution of money (capital investment in the business project) or services in return for a portion of the profits. (a) Partnership participation (b) profit from fair valuation of an asset or accounting for good terms (c) unpaid party or rental, salary or interest of a partner (d) Additional capital introduced by a partner during the year (a) In the event of parcel liquidation of the assets realized, US$240,000 and commitments resulting from a 10% rebate , determine the benefit or loss in the event of the dissolution of the partnership. (a) Salary payable to a partner b) Rent payable to a partner c) Interest to be paid to a partner for a loan received by the partnership (d) Interest paid on the partners` capital assets is personally responsible for the partnership`s business obligations. This means that if the partnership cannot afford to pay creditors or business fails, partners are individually responsible for the debt and creditors can secure personal assets such as bank accounts, cars and even houses. (a) Loans from a partner b) Return Capital – Current Account Balances c) Liquidation expenses d) Underfunding (liabilities and provisions) Acquisition of partner income A partnership company has no legal existence, such as a registered company, and the partners are jointly liable for the company`s debts. In the event of the termination of the company, they are also liable for debts already incurred and future debts, unless a formal termination is published. a) How they propose to share profits b) If salary and interest should be allowed on capital c) If each partner can include a person of their choice in the partnership d) If there should be restrictions on what a partner can do for its own purposes a) Each partner must participate in management b) Each partner must participate in the management of sums equal to the contribution of capital c) The number of partners can be from two to any number of (unlimited joint and several liability for the execution of partnership debts However, a valid partnership may exist without a written agreement, in which case the statutory provisions would apply to partnerships. Also known as the partnership agreement. See also the articles of the partnership.

(a) Interest is levied to ensure that partners do not derive their share of profits at all b) interest is calculated to discourage subscriptions before the end of the fiscal year c) Regardless of the date of the draw to pay interest for the full year d) Interest is an additional benefit to the partnership Which of the following statements is wrong with respect to individual companies? Rose and Ivy, who shared the profits in a 2-1 ratio and closed the annual accounts on December 31, acknowledged Liby`s fourth share of earnings on March 1, 2012.