Work From Home Contract Agreement

We strive to provide as much comprehensive IT support as possible as the workforce moves to remote work. Do you have a VPN configuration? Do you have access to your necessary files? Are your cloud drives ready? Are your video conferencing programs updated and working? Can you do your job? Keep personal tasks away from company devices. Personal tasks on corporate devices can accidentally expose your corporate data or network to unauthorized users or malware. Be wary of your personal environment in public places. If you work in a café sitting next to the exit, you are exposed to theft. The open display of a mobile device or laptop on public transport (especially on doors) makes you a target for theft and jeopardizes your personal safety. Remember to move away from the entrance. Create strong passwords. Passwords are at the forefront of protecting user accounts.

Get guidance from your senior IT consultant for guidance on creating strong passwords, two-factor authentication (2FA), and encrypted password manager (e.B. LastPass). Permanent remote workers must specify their primary work address in a remote work agreement. This contract also defines their responsibilities as remote employees. When your VPN is connected, you can map corporate network drives to your remote computer and access your files as if you were connected to your desktop computer. Note: Remote WFH is an optional permission, not a request for the task. Therefore, your company does not offer a refund for your home office. To ensure that employee performance is not affected by remote work arrangements, we recommend our remote employees: Office workers can also work remotely for up to [two consecutive weeks] per year if they want to visit [their family/place of birth]. Eligible employees are those who have been employed by our company for at least [one year].

Employees who are new parents or who have a short- or long-term disability can arrange longer periods of remote work with their supervisor and human resources. Employees may need to purchase home insurance to cover the cost of operating the equipment. HR can reimburse some of the coverage if necessary. Constantly check all forms of communication. You don`t want unanswered messages from colleagues to make people think you don`t work. This section describes best practices and general guidance for secure device management, data access, and data sharing while working remotely. Le VPN establishes an encrypted connection between your computer and the corporate network that behaves as if your computer were connected to the office. .